Government gets blamed for a lot, but we know it can work because we’ve seen it fix problems, change lives, and level the playing field for working families. We also know that effective government has to be both idealistic and level-headed—has to stay true to our shared aspirations and recognize the constraints of the real world.

Priorities for Progress is a group of politically-engaged Massachusetts residents who saw a need for independent advocacy aimed at bringing together efficiency and progressive values in the Commonwealth. We want a government that relentlessly pursues the common good while spending taxpayer money wisely. We want the rich to pay a little more to ensure that every kid can take advantage of a world class education, from pre-K through higher ed. We want a 21st century transportation system that is affordable and reliable. Most of all, we want our leaders to sweat the details—to ensure that government helps those who need it most in the most effective way possible. That’s why we support the Fair Share Amendment, and are asking our elected officials to make clear plans for the money it will raise.

Government that works requires transparency, boldness, and a willingness to follow the data. When a program isn’t working, we should try something new; when innovative ideas create positive change, we should embrace them; and when competing priorities clash, we should be honest about the tradeoffs involved. Our Commonwealth can’t wait to confront persistent inequality in educational achievement, access to transportation, and income. We need smart action on our priorities, and we need it now. Let’s get to work.


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