Sign the Pledge

We want all Massachusetts residents who care about enacting progressive policies and making government work to get involved in our campaign to pass the Fair Share Amendment, and to advocate for more effective public institutions. By signing the pledge, your'e saying that you care about these issues, and that you want your elected leaders to care too. The more people sign, the clearer our voices will be heard on Beacon Hill. 

Who's signing

I commit to vote yes on the Fair Share Amendment and to continue advocating for:

  1. Progressive revenue policies - Asking more from those who have enjoyed nearly all the economic gains for a generation. If it makes sense to Warren Buffet, it should make sense to anyone with an investment mindset.

  2. Innovation and Experimentation - Trying new policies so that failed ones don’t continue to give government a bad name.

  3. Accountability and Measurement - Using data so that lawmakers and citizens alike know where we stand, what’s working, and what we can do better.

  4. Clear Priorities - Knowing that we can’t get everything we want, we should stay focused on helping those who will benefit most.

  5. A Sense of Obligation - Ensuring that we are adequately addressing the needs of both current workers, and future generations who will live with today’s choices.

Will you sign?

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