October 26, 2018

About Us

We know government can work. We’ve seen it fix problems and change lives for the better. In Massachusetts, our common sense approach to effective government has always balanced optimism and pragmatism. We have been idealistic and yet realistic.

In order to make real progress in Massachusetts, we must return to common sense. We need to move past the status quo and embrace innovative approaches to find solutions to the problems facing us in the 21st century -- and when something isn’t working in government, we need to be brave enough to try something new.

Together, we can work together for change. We can take on the challenges facing our state to develop stronger communities and a better economy -- not because change is easy, but because building a vibrant future for our Commonwealth depends on it.

Join us to fight for what works,

Reily Connaughton

Roger Craver

Liam Kerr

Keri Rodrigues


Reily is an M.P.P. graduate of the UMass Amherst School of Public Policy, and former president of the College Democrats of UMass Amherst.

Roger Craver co-founded The Hotline and helped launch Common Cause, the National Organization for Women, and The National Council to Control Handguns. Roger stepped down from his work with the Democratic National Committee after it was revealed that the Chairman was lobbying for a pipeline company. The Wall Street Journal described him as “an assassin of all things right-wing.”

Liam is a co-founder of No Boston Olympics, the state director of Democrats for Education Reform, and an AmeriCorps alum. The Boston Globe called him a hero, cynic, spoiler, and naysayer.

Keri is the founder of Massachusetts Parents United, an at-large elected member of the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee and a member of the Ethnic Council of the Democratic National Committee. SEIU International President Andy Stern called her a “force of nature.”


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